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About Us


Betutu Lalah was established on February 1, 2006 and we are located in Bandung, at Jl.Cihampelas no. 66, only about 100 meter from the intersection of  Jl. Dr. Djunjunan (Jl. Terusan Pasteur) and Jl. Cihampelas.

We are the first restaurant in Bandung specializing in Balinese dishes. Though we serve mostly Balinese dishes, we also serve some Sundanese dishes.

Betutu Lalah derived from Balinese words, “betutu” and “lalah”. “Betutu” means one of Balinese cooking way and “lalah” means spicy.


Balinese Dishes are not Spicy, but Spiced

We seem to have the mindset that Balinese Food is invariably hot. Actually there are only a few Balinese dishes within the entire cuisine that would probably be too spicy for us.
Why spiced? Because in every cooking process starts with the grinding of those various spices and herbs, thus they became integral ingredients in Balinese cuisine .


Our Services

We provide services for dine in, take out, home delivery, box meals, catering, and gathering. For further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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