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Welcome to Betutu Lalah

BetutuLalah is one of business in the culinary field located in Bandung at Jl.Cihampelas 66. To perform its functions as a provide of Baliniese foods. BetutuLalah have several employees whose job is to serve and provide the best service and are expected to be useful in a real effort to visitors.

  • About Betutu Lalah

    Betutu Lalah Introduction

    Betutu lalah derived from the Balinese word, betutu and lalah. Betutu is a spiced dishes and lalah its a spicy flavor. Betutu Lalah is established at 1st January 2006, and Betutu lalah is the First Baliniese Restaurant in Bandung . why must Baliniese Food ? .....

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  • Our Menu

    Betutu Lalah Food

    Balinese Dishes In Bali , every cooking Process starts with the grinding of those various spices and herbs, thus they became integral ingredients in Balinese cuisine . " Balinese Dishes Are Not Spicy, But Spiced " ....

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  • Special Events

    Betutu Lalah Events

    Many Event it's held in Betutu lalah such as Birthday Party , Family Gathering ,Meeting , weddings Etc .....

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